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Whatever your project requirements, we will not be limited in our advice, but these products lead their field in measuring high accuracy 3D data.


Image of Surphaser Known for its unsurpassed accuracy and scan quality, Surphaser neatly bridges the gap between "small" scale and "survey" scale full-field measurement. Classic applications include the detailed scanning of aircraft and helicopters, boats and ships, submarines, cars, coaches, industrial plant, trains and other large engineered parts or assemblies such as wind turbine blades. The deep sub-mm quality achievable over these scales is typically much closer to that associated with small area scanners rather than machines built with surveying applications in mind. The Surphaser truly marks a breakthrough in high accuracy large volume measurement technology.


iSTAR is a revolutionary image capturing device that is highly portable, rugged and versatile. We are chiefly promoting the system as a complimentary device for laser scanning applications. Scanners with integrated cameras can produce limited and low quality results. The iSTAR produces an effective 50Mp image output with high quality HDR (up to 9 exposures) over a full 360 degree panorama. Depending on existing scanner software capabilities the colour can be “mapped” onto point clouds, which gives a professional and photo-realistic added dimension to data sets. The images shown are just a small example of how mapping colour transforms the way points and mesh data can be viewed.

The iSTAR has many other purely imaging applications, including time-lapse and spherical video as well as standard 360 degree stills. Full details concerning the product and it’s capabilities are available on the manufacturer’s web site

A basic technical data sheet can be downloaded by clicking here.

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DotProduct handheld scanner, making it easy for anyone to obtain accurate 3D-models and measurements in-the-field. More details available soon.

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We are an authorised re-seller of PolyWorks 2014 and Geomagic software. The software can be stand alone or bundled with our products.


We are pleased to offer a number of options above and beyond the sales of our principal products. Please contact us for Rental Services for our products. We can provide any one of these configurations to precisely suit your application.