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Whatever your project requirements, we will not be limited in our advice, but these products lead their field in measuring high accuracy 3D data.


Image of Surphaser Known for its unsurpassed accuracy and scan quality. Surphaser products answer the 3D laser scanning requirements of those working in large volume metrology as well as many survey applications. Classic applications include those in the aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive, industrial plant, and renewable energy industries. The sub-mm quality and ultra-low noise achievable at ranges of < 17m is typically closer to that associated with small area scanners rather than systems built with just surveying applications in mind.



Image of Dotproduct DotProduct provide a full suite of hand-held 3D capture kits together with Dot3D software and hardware accessories. The systems allow the user to see captured areas in real time and to register multiple scans using april tags or measured targets. Compressed (.dp) data files are easy to send from a remote location to an office for processing if required. This versatile series of products finds a variety of applications including those in forensics, industrial facilities, archaeology and construction.

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