Sales, support & technical consulting in
metrology devices for high accuracy 3d data

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MD3D is a company principally involved in providing 3D measurement solutions. The types of measurement include large volume geometry, deformation under loading, and vibration characterisation.

It is a huge industry, and the latest hardware and software developments are constantly pushing applications out into new fields. MD3D is especially involved with niche products that really excel in the performance they offer. And that means that in certain applications there are major benefits in quality and working time to be gained.

Our overall mission is to market and promote these solutions to our prospective users with a thoughtful and customer-centric approach; in a way that is refreshingly the opposite of brand pushing and hard selling methods. We don't have a portfolio covering every measurement requirement, but nevertheless we do still help direct our clients to other known solutions where appropriate.

Below is a summary of our current offerings:

  • Consultancy, sales and post-sales support for the Surphaser laser scanner product line, produced by Basis Software Inc, Redmond, WA, U.S.A. Applications are in large volume full-field geometry measurement where sub-mm accuracies are needed.
  • Support Services for the Surphaser reseller network throughout Europe and other domains, excluding the U.S.A.
  • Surphaser system rental services.
  • Consultancy and sales for other associated and complimentary products as required; please refer to the products page for more details.
  • Measurement services, either directly through MD3D or partners as appropriate.